The Story of Our Relationship

For those of you who don't know how Dudley & Rinna began their story together, the bride would like to provide you with some background:

Somehow, I managed to have interactions with Dudley through three different people and never realized that it was the same person!

The first person was actually through an ex-boyfriend who played video games with him. They kept calling him Dudley, but on-screen, he was DrizaBone. Okay, whatever that means — weird gamertag, bro. 🙄

The second person was his sister, Sadie, who was already my friend. She always called him "Bunny," so when I met him in person for the first time at his sister's baby shower, I had no idea that I had already spoken words to him. So of course, after learning that he also was attending Georgia Tech, I did what any older Yellow Jacket would do to their friend's younger brother... I insulted his major and told him to get a real one. Oops. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Well, over the course of the next two years, the ex and I broke up (obviously) and Sadie moved away, so there wasn't a lot of interaction between Dudley and I, so I honestly kind of forgot about Dudley, until... one fateful day, during my last semester at Tech, my phone rang it was none other than the best man. "Hi, Kyle!" Now it makes sense that he is the best man, doesn't it? 😁

The third person, Kyle, knew from our previous interactions that I had a rotary tool (pretty much a dremel for jewelry), so Kyle called to ask if he and Dudley could borrow it. "Who?" He had to tell me his name was "Bunny" before I remembered that I had met this person. So they came over. I hugged Kyle and attempted to hug Dudley, but instead of a hug, I got an awkward weird pat thing, so I was like, "dude, that's not a hug," and I squeezed him 😂 That was in March 2017, at which point they were tearing apart Sheila (Kyle's Corvette) to rebuild her, so I invited myself to help because I was single and Dudley was cute.

Somehow, over the next two months, instead of getting sick of me, he ended up growing to like me more, and here we are.

If you had asked me five years ago when I first said hi to DrizaBone on Xbox game chat that we would end up getting married, then I probably would've made a weird face and laughed. ♥️